The All Rounder for Multiple Application

  • Worm BS-Series
    Power (kW) 0.03 ... 5.5
    Torque (Nm) 25 ... 1.000
    Your Benefit Compact and resilient through high quality worm gearing. Thus long lifetime and low servicing costs.
  • Bevel BK-Series
    Power (kW) 0.03 ... 75
    Torque (Nm) 80 ... 18.500
    Your Benefit Energy efficient due to the highly efficient two-stage base design.
  • Parallel Shaft BF-Series
    Power (kW) 0.03 ... 75
    Torque (Nm) 90 ... 18.500
    Your Benefit Compact mounting and mulriple possibilities for attachment reduce the space requirements.
  • Helical BG-Series
    Power (kW) 0.03 ... 75
    Torque (Nm) 20 ... 18.500
    Your Benefit Robust design leads to long service intervals.


The ‘Application Master’ - the perfect fit for your application
  • Basic Metal
    • Milltable
    • Rolling mill
  • Food & Beverage
    • Bottling Plant
    • Aspetic Conveying
    • Packaging
  • Industries
    • Water and waste water technology
    • Crane and conveyor technology
    • Environmental technologies


The ‘Integration Expert’ - optimally integrated in your machine
  • Textile Industry
    • Flat bed knitting machine
    • Circular knitting machine
    • Weaving machine
  • Printing Industry
    • Offset printing machine
      - web and sheet offset
  • Packaging Industry
    • Band strapping devices
    • Pallet packing presses
    • Rotary arm winder

G-96 Series

The IC Bauer technological superiority manifests itself in multiple benefits for its customers. Guaranteed longer service life even under tough operating conditions. Virtually No downtime and measurably lower power consumption leading to higher operational economy. The widest range is offered with rating uo to 75KW. Available in-line, parallel shaft, holow shaft, bevel helical, hellworm and customised configrations with accessories such as shaft mounted brake, hold brake, etc.


We are a leading supplier of high quality Bauer Geared Motors & Gearboxes with extensive success in Mill Table, Rolling Mill, Bottling Plant, Conveying Packaging, Water and Waste Water technology, Environmental technologies & Textile Printing, Packaging, Crane applications, etc. Utilizing Bauer application and expertise can work with us to choose the correct Geared Motors that enable us to deliver a complete solution to fit all type of environment and demands. With in-house motor manufacturing facilities specialized motor characteristics can be designed and optimized to cater with precession exactly what the application demands. Fully crowned gear teeth provide the highest misalignment, and torque ratings and smooth axial travel.

Connection Output Shaft
  • Feature:
    • Variety of shaft designs
    • Solid shaft
    • Hollow shaft with shrink disc connection
    • Hollow shaft with keyway
  • Advantage:
    • Available for shaft mounted as well as gear boxes
  • Benefit:
    • Easy drive assembly/disassembly
    • Non-destructive disassembly even after long operational hours
    • Impervious to reversible movements
  • Feature:
    • Robust house design
  • Advantage:
    • Standard for all types of Bauer gears
  • Benefit:
    • Vibration and impact resistance
    • Enhanced reliability
    • Long service life and availability
  • Feature:
    • Tailored motor dimensioning
  • Advantage:
    • Technical and economical solutions
  • Benefit:
    • Dimensioning to fit your application
    • Compact design with high starting and breakdown torque
    • High motor protection class IP65 (standard)
  • Feature:
    • Variety of brake options
  • Advantage:
    • Increased flexibility
  • Benefit:
    • Built on brakes in IP65
    • Finely graduated brake torques
    • Microswitch for brakes, space heaters
  • Feature:
    • Expandable motor options
  • Advantage:
    • Increased flexibility
  • Benefit:
    • Incremental/absolute encoder system
    • Optional grey cast iron sistors
    • Space heaters
  • Feature:
    • Efficent range of Geared Motors
  • Advantage:
    • Energy saving
  • Benefit:
    • Latest technologies & Motors with increased energy efficiency