Vibration Exciters

Direct Force Exciters

Direct Force Exciters are predominantly used to drive vibrating conveyors, feeders and screens.

It has two shafts fitted with unbalance masses, which are caused to rotate by integrated gears in opposed directions at the same speed. The directional force excitor is driven from an external standard electric motor via a universal joint shaft. With a frequency invertor, the speed can be infinitely varied during operation.

Anti friction bearings and gearing are accomodated in a housing and oil immersion lubrication. Maintenance is limited to an occasional check of the oil level, or oil change at prescribed intervals.

Unbalance Motor Exciters

Unbalance motor vibrators are a.c. synchronous motors with two shaft extensions, to each of which are attached two unbalance discs. At standstill, the centrifugal force can be infinitely varied from zero to maximum by adjusting the unbalance accordingly.

Two unbalance motors rotating in opposed direction synchronize with one another to generate a directional force with linear vibration movements. In addition to driving vibrating conveyors, feeders and screens, unbalance motors are used for bin vibration, shake-out of moulding boxes in foundries, and for similar vibrating duties.

Centrifugal Force Exciters

Centrifugal Force Exciters have the simplest construction. Two unbalance masses rotate and generate centrifugal forces and are driven from external electric motor via a universal joint shaft.

The circular motion exciters are grease-lubricated Used extensively for operation of Circular Motion Screening machines and Casting Shakeout Tables in the Foundry.