MOZER Drum Drier & Cooler

Top Performance in Drying Technology

C.G. Mozer GmbH & Co. KG has been active in drying technology for more than 100 years. The Mozer drum dryers are globally recognized as state-of-the-art drying technology. Since 1993, the Mozer company belongs to the world-wide active Allgaier Group, Germany.

The Mozer product range includes
  • drying / heating / cooling drums, plant construction
  • The drum driers are available in single shell, double-shell and triple-shell versions.
For widely varying application areas
  • Stone/ores
  • clay
  • building materials
  • glass
  • foundries
  • ceramics
  • minerals
  • chemicals
  • agrochemicals
  • recycling
  • industrial and communal slurries

  • and many others.
  • High thermal efficiency
  • Few parts subject to wear
  • Product-optimised drying
  • Large number of process options
  • Easy access
  • High degree of energy utilization

Moser Drum driers are used particularly in the mineral industry, for drying pourable and abrasive wet materials. Their main features are high throughput rates and ability to process solid materials with widely differing granulometric properties. The drum driers are available in single-shell, double-shell and triple-shell versions. The design ensures high performance in a small space. Special versions also permit the use of combined processes.

Drum Driers and Coolers

Drum Driers-Mozer Systems
  • Single /Double/Triple shell driers
  • Minerals, sand, slag, clay and bentonite
  • Chemicals and fertilizer
  • Organic residuals, waste recycling and secondary fuel, rejects
Drum Driers/Coolers-Mozer Systems
  • For gravel, silica sand, natural sand, limestone
  • TK for an optimum of energy efficiency
  • TK+ for highest energy efficiency
Drying and Cleaning Drums-Mozer Systems
  • Drying and cleaning of contaminated limestone
  • Label and mud remover for sorting of glass
  • Processing of used glass and recycling
Drying and Grinding-Mozer Systems
  • Drying and crushing of filter cake, lump size reduction
  • De-agglomeration of minerals Drying and Separation
  • Drum drier with screening device for separation of coarse particles