IC offers complete grinding mill systems designed to pulverise and classify various kinds of material, including non-metallic minerals, fertilisers, chemicals and many other manufactured products.Range of product fineness is between bulk passing 60 mesh down to micronised product and capacities between a few hundred kgs. to 15/20 tons per hour.

Raymond Roller Mill

For service in the fields of medium fine and fine grinding, Raymond Roller Mills have an unsurpassed record of dependability and economy in maintenance. These machines are incorporated in an automatic and dustless system for grinding and classifying non- metallic minerals and dry chemicals to a high degree of product uniformity. With integral cone and whizzer separators, product finenesses from 800 to 35 microns are achieved. The mills are airswept with a classifier fitted directly above the grinding chamber to give continuous classification of the ground material. They are ideal for economic production of very fine powders, and can handle difficult, sticky materials. Mill systems can be supplied complete with air heaters for simultaneous drying and grinding moist materials. The mill operates under suction which prevents leakage of dust to the atmosphere Available in 5 graded sizes, the Roller Mills feature automatic feed control system, in- circuit drying, range of different classifiers to suit application requirement. Extensive experience with airswept mills and associated classifying technique enable us to offer complete installations.

Raymond Impax Pulveriser

The Raymond Impax Pulveriser is a versatile and dependable high speed, airswept swing hammer impact mill, designed for fine and medium grinding of softer non-metallic minerals, coal, various chemical compounds, food products and other materials. Almost any soft material with a nominal 12 mm top size can be effectively pulverized in the Raymond Impax Pulveriser to a fineness from 1,000 microns to as fine as bulk passing 45 microns or even less. The standard Pulveriser is equipped with air classification system comprising elevated in-stream classifier, sysem fan , cyclone and dust collector. Available in a range of 6 sizes, they incorporate the following features:

  • Range of capacities 2 to 15 TPH of pulverized product.
  • Heavy-duty design for continuous 24-hour operation, minimum maintenance.
  • Low operating temperature design ideal for heat sensitive materials.
  • Available with integral flash drying.

UFG Vertical Mill

For pulverizing materials to extreme fineness, no grinding equipment will excel the UFG Vertical Mill, with air classification system. The UFG Vertical Mill can reduce many products to 95% / 98% finer than 15 to 20 Microns. In fact, some products can be ground to finenesses of 95% to 99% or finer below 10 microns. Typical materials processed by this unit include calcite, limestone, talc, cocoa powder, marble , asbestos, kaolin, colors, graphite, sugar used in confections, pharmaceuticals and various food products.

Principal advantages:
  • Close control of particle size
  • Simple operation and maintenance
  • Automatic feed control
  • Occupies minimum installation space

Mechanical Air Separator

Built in 11 commercial sizes ranging from 4 feet to 24 feet in diameter, as well as a 30 inch unit for small capacities and test run. a special 10 inch laboratory separator completes the Raymond line, and is a useful machine for handling small lots of materials in experimental works. on many material finished product with a high percentage passing 15 to 20 microns can be obtained without difficulty.

  • Produce materials with high uniform fineness.
  • Operate in open or closed circuit.
  • Excellent for de-dusting.
  • Can provide drying and cooling. Faster separation of fines and more positive rejection of oversize.
  • Back-out switch interlocked with foot brake
  • Speed change proving switches.
Single Whizzer Separator

has one bank of whizzer blades and used for coarser separations upto approximately 85% to 90% passing 200 mesh

Double Whizzer Separator

with two banks of whizzer blades,they can produce finished materials upto 99% to 99.5% passing 325 mesh.

Application in Closed Circuit Grinding

When operated in closed circuit combination with pulverizer , ball or tube mills the separator skims off the fines rapidly so the mill works only on fresh material without wasting power. The tailings are discharged back to the mill for further reduction.the reground material is returned to the separator with the feed thus setting up a constant circulating load.