IC Vibrating Grizzly Screen Feeders are fully floating, linear motion units supported on compression springs, and are driven by highly reliable Gearbox Exciters, through drive motor and cardan shaft coupling.
Huck bottled construction, ensure high rigidity. Wear surfaces are provided with abrasion resistant liners.

  1. Capacities up to 2500 tons per hour.
  2. Handling single particle lumps up to 2.5m edge length.
  3. Withstands high impact loads, when installed directly under dump hoppers.
  4. Sizes up to 3.5m wide & 8.5m long.

Typical applications includes crusher relief operations. Screening out trash and tramp material such as high capacity screening of moist coal in power plants. Increasing use in road building and civil construction projects for screening of basalt rock, stone and gravel.

Mogensen Vibro Bar Sizers

The Vibro-Barsizer really works because of its effective blockage-free design principle. It separates difficult-to-screen and heavily polluted materials reliably, including bulky and irregularly shaped particles. Very effective with greasy, sticky and wet materials. Textiles, fibres and plastics in the product stream pose no problems.
The linear vibration of the Vibro-Barsizer and the bars fixed at only one end help ensure a fully trouble-free separation. The bar decks are mostly arranged in multiple cascade- like steps.
Driven by two vibrator motors or Gearbox Exciters the Mogensen Vibro-Barsizer can additionally be equipped with mesh panels to meet special requirements.

Facts & Data
  1. Capacity over 1000 m3/h
  2. Separations between 10 mm and 150mm
  3. Dust-tight enclosure
  4. Maintenance-free operation for long-term continuous duty
  5. No blockage and pegging
  6. Favourable energy/capacity ratio

Mogensen Bar Sizers

The Mogensen Bar sizer is specially designed for coarse separations operates, free from blockage are without moving parts or drive motor.
The range of separation is between 25 mm to 400 mm. Individual pieces may be 1 m in size and up to 3 t in weight.
It is a simple design with creative technology. The bars diverge and are fixed at one end only. The gap opens up towards the end of the bars in the same direction as the flow of material.
The material - induced bar vibration prevents blockages. The bars are made of a special steel and may be reversed in order to increase operational life.

Facts & Data
  1. No power supply required
  2. No danger of blockage
  3. Capacities up to 1500 tph or even more
  4. Size of separation between 25 mm to 400 mm
  5. Can handle large lumps up to 3 t individual weight
  6. Suitable for both mobile and static plants.