Flip Flop Screening Machines


The Flip Flop MK I screens offers a relatively new solution for extremely difficult-to-screen materials with excellent screening efficiency in smaller aperture applications where conventional screens suffer from blinding and pegging.
The Flip-Flop Screening Machine generates, through a mechanism, a system of dual control whereby a high acceleration is transmitted to the panels of the Screen Mats of the order of around 35-40g.
In the MK I machine the eccentric rotor mechanism generates a continuous and flexible movement of the elastic Screen Mats, with the panels alternatively stretched and relaxed. The high acceleration completely loosens up the damp sticky material mass, resulting in rapid stratification of the feed material and high percentage of fines quickly move down to the surface of the Screen Deck and are screened out.
Machine Sizes upto 2.5m wide and 7.9m long.


Optimum screening performance, even with the most difficult bulk materials

IC has launched the new generation of flip-flop screening machines, the FLIPOMAT Mk II The machines with state of art technology are manufactured under license from Fleximat Ges.m.b.H., Austria a pioneer in design and development of low head flip-flop machines and Fleximat screen decks.
Separations of high volume of small particle sizes, and near mesh particles with high moisture content, and demands of stringent screening quality, are requirements in Mining, Steel Plants, Mortar & Sand Plants, Chemicals and Coal / Lignite for Power Plants. THE FLIPOMAT Mk II SCREENING MACHINES ARE IDEAL FOR SUCH APPLICATIONS.


Processing and recycling technology
  1. moist and fine coal / power stations
  2. cement industry
  3. iron and steel industry
  4. mineral industry
  5. quarries
  6. recycling plants
  7. sand and gravel industry
  8. waste processing

Operation Principle

The FLIPOMAT Mk II, Flip Flop Screening Machine, is available in single and double deck configurations. The banana shape and high acceleration on the flexible Polyurethane Screen panels ensure blockage free screening of moist and sticky material.
The unique trampoline movement, alternate “stretch and relax”, of the Polyurethane Screen panels is generated through Circular or Linear vibratory movement, with both options being available with the FLIPOMAT Mk II machines. The FLIPOMAT Mk II machine operates through twin vibration principle - that is primary oscillations from a circular or linear motion excited screen, with superimposed secondary vibration, that produce elliptical motion generated by the primary oscillations.

Special Features
  • Wear on the sides of the screen is prevented by OXBOW system and provide effective side sealing to prevent material spillage.
  • The FLIPOMAT Mk II, Flip Flop machines come with highly flexible punched Polyurethane screen panels, for optimum screening performance and highest wear resistance.
  • The FLIPOMAT Mk II, Flip Flop machines require very low head room, generally slope not exceeding 15°.
Machine Data

Effective screen width *mm

900 - 2700

Effective screen length *mm

3670 - 8330

Screen area, each deck *m2

3.3 - 22.5

Number of screen decks

1 - 3

Screen gradients *degrees

5 - 18 max.

Screen Panels

High resistant polyurethane

Screwless mounting