Jaw Crusher

OM series jaw crushers are robust equipment with high durability, designed with high quality raw materials. Combination of high reduction ratios at enhanced productivity - balanced high inertia Cast Steel flywheels; Cast parts are manufactured from ASTM A216 steel. Symmetrical chambers ensure interchangeability of wear parts. Side plates, Jaws, Liners are of high Mn content; Jaw plates are reversible end-on-end to minimise waste. Heavy-duty eccentric shaft and 4 identical bearings - results in superior durability and reliability. The split bearing housings guarantee a perfect fit to the machined housing, reducing loads to the bearings. It also facilitates the maintenance of the bearings without disassembly of the machine or any major dismantling in order to carry out servicing in site. Absence of stress inducers created by welding lines, due to the high strength one piece side plate design, guarantees resistance to fatigue and ensures longevity. IC Jaw crushers can be easily mounted on fixed installations and mobile units – wheeled or track. Modular structure and compact size ensure excellent mobility, wide ranging mounting options and short installation and set up time, whatever the duty. Aggregates, production of gravel, iron ores, other hard & abrasive ores - our Jaw crushers represent the best selection.

Cone Crusher

OC series Cone Crushers ensure high productivity, low operation cost and longer useful life than other similar Crushers. The crushing chamber can be specially designed to suit the customer requirements apart from standard design. Simple, rapid adjustments through hydraulic system, minimizing downtime. Crusher Hydraulic system incorporates lubrication system (with heating, cooling and multi-function interlocked safety devices), locking/ unlocking of the clamping cylinders, adjustment and protection against overload - also used for clearing and removing obstructions from the crushing cavity. Tramp release system (for non-crushable materials) uses hydraulic cylinders with hydro-pneumatic pressure accumulators, providing ample clearance for removal of obstructions - guaranteeing crusher protection and restricting stoppage time to the minimum. Incorporates a state-of-the-art electric panel - fully interlocked with all system monitors and sensors; controls both hydraulic systems and, in the event of any operational abnormality, will initiate an alarm and safely shut the crusher down. Uniquely grooved mantle and bowl liners of high grade austenitic Mn steel. IC Cone Crushers can perform as a combined secondary & tertiary crusher in both open and closed circuit conditions. Better installed power utilization - increased throughput of the machine. IC cone crushers unique combination of speed, throw and cavity design - are best available choice for aggregate and mining industry for both stationary and mobile applications.

Vertical shaft Impactor

Omni VSI outperforms other crushing machines, with it’s versatility of uses optimized operation, ease of installation, smooth operation, reliability, and yield. Product quality within specifications, with particles of cubical shape are produced with desired MF(fineness modulus). OMNI large VSI models are able to handle feed size of approx 70mm and majority of crushed materials lies between 40mm to 5mm. Models available upto 1200 HP, also suitable for highly abrasive materials. The OMNI VSI Crusher is an ideal machine to produce Crushed Sand, that is washed and classified to remove unwanted micro-fines. High quality crushed-sand finds extensive use, replacing natural sand, in cement concrete and asphalt plants. IC VSI is suitable for all types of minerals from soft to hard and extremely abrasive minerals. The particles of the feed material are accelerated by centrifugal forces against an impact wall making use of comminution by rock –on – rock principle.

Special features of IC VSI
  1. Rotor is dynamically balanced for vibration-free operation
  2. Modular construction for quick erection and ease of transportation
  3. Special rock box design to ensure optimum crushing
  4. Heavy duty construction

Roll Crusher

The roll crusher is available in 2 roll design with reduction ratio in the range of 4 : 1 upto 6 : 1. The Capacity range varies upto 1000 tph. The design is provided with spring loaded retraction system for protection against ingress of tramp iron in the system. The specific power consumption is low in the range of 0.25 to 0.3 Kwh / ton. The rolls design can be provided with cast tooth rolls with hard faced tooth or segmented rolls for quick replacement of tooth. Various tooth profile is provided depending on application. The roll crushers are suitable for crushing ROM coal, lignite, coke, sinter etc.

OMNI Roll Crushers

OCR 0810

80 wide x 100 dia

OCR 1610

160 wide x 100 dia

OCR 1225

120 wide x 150 dia

Available with toothed and plain rolls
For Coal, Coke, sticky and clay material