Polyurithine & Rubber Screen Deck & Liners

Highly wear resistant screen decks and liners in rubber and polyurethane are available with embedded steel reinforcements
Suitable for wet and dry applications including scalping, load relieving, sizing, washing and dewatering.
Rubber screen decks are available as moulded (hot vulcanised) or as punched deck whereas polyurethane decks are generally in cast form

Variety of compounding techniques are utilised to control specific properties such as hardness, resilience etc. We select and offer material grade to suit application requirements such as feed rate, largest lumpsize, particle shape and separation required, wet or dry screening, special characteristics of feed materials etc.

A Wide Choice of Fastening Methods

Clamp on system

The screen decks consist of modules of standardised sizes suitable for a wide variety of screening machines. Special fastening system ensures simple and quick installation and replacement. Other important advantages include staggered fixing pattern, support protection against wear and segment replacement in case of partial wear.

Tensioned decks :

Used for machines with longitudinal or cross tension system. Embedded steel reinforcements are used and design ensures flexible screening area with downward widening openings or slots to eject marginal particles.

Flat screen decks

These are also manufactured with embedded steel reinforcement. Framed panels are securely fastened to the support on which they lie to avoid damage by “whipping”.

Modular screen decks :

Rectangular modules of 300 mm x 300 mm are available in wear-resistant rubber and polyurethane as standard units with snap-action fixing plugs mounted on deck support structure
Relatively large open areas of screen is obtained along with reliable connection of the screen units to the support structure without having to use any special tools.
In adition, space saving stackability by nesting of the units to reduce storage expense and easy to replace small, light screen deck units with uniform dimensions contributes to success of this modular design
Fixing plugs are available in steel as well as polyurethane in order to suit different designs of deck support systems

Screen decks are supplied complete with all fitment accessories such as fixing plugs, centre and side clamping bars, side wedge bars, etc

Modular screen decks :

Standard range of aperture openings include square/rectangular apertures, in line/staggered slot perforations, taper slot perforations and round perforations

  • Highly wear –resistant
  • Precise separation
  • High through-put rates
  • No product degradation
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Ejects marginal particles
  • Extremely low operating cost
  • Low downtime for screen replacement