Vibrating Feeders

The comprehensive range includes Electromagnetic and Mechanical VIbrating Feeders and Conveyors to cater to almost every industry. Controlled feeding and dosing of bulk materials - coarse and fines, lumpy, sticky, hot or cold, moist or dry, abrasive, corrosive - come with complete solutions through careful planning, design, construction and installation. A wide variety of control systems, and accessories are available such as - Thyristor Controllers, Starter Panels, Frequency Invertors, various types of bunker gates all of which add up to deliver a total solution.

Electromagnetic Feeders

IC electromagnetic feeders operate on micro-throw Principle. Electromagnetic drives set system in vibration, with amplitude being infinitely variable from zero to maximum. operation in the sub critical range, resulting in low amount of trickle-feed after cut-off, permit the feeders to be used for especially well for accurate feeding duties.


  • High availability
  • Any number of starts and stops with low trickle feed
  • Open loop or closed loop control from upstream or downstream equipment,if required.
  • Low dynamic foundation load
  • Closely graded series affording
  • An optimum solution for each individual application
  • Very simple maintenance as there are no sensitive or complicated parts
  • Replaceable wear liners available.
Trough width : 0.20 m - 1.6 m
Trough length : 1.00 m - 4.00 m
Capacity : upto 300 m3/ hr
Maximum lumpsize: 300 mm