The complete range of Mogensen Sizers are offered including specialised accessories.Also included in the range are Flip Flop Screening Machines as well as the new Sizer 2000 especially suitable for very fine screening applications.Mogensen screening machines are offered on a made-to-measure basis offering intelligent solutions.The product range offers a very wide selection for fine screening - from approximately 100 mic. and for coarse separations up to 5 mm.

3 to 6 progressively inclined screen decks with progressively finer mesh apertures are arranged in a functional and compact manner in the vibrating screen frame. Because of the inclination in the meshes the screening effect and thereby the separation size are appreciably smaller than the apertures in the mesh panels. This drastically reduces the risk of pegging and increases the capacity considerably because the coarse-mesh system induces a dispersed material flow without the build-up of a bed of material.

Residence time in the machine is short. The processed material falls vertically and rapidly through the Sizer whereby coarse particles are removed early in the screening process from the required product stream. Wear and tear on the finer lower decks is greatly reduced.

Summary of Technical Innovations

Automatic Sieve Cleaning

A new method, by which sieve meshes are self-cleaning as a result of controlled tension reduction by means of tensioning cylinders

Mesh Tension Monitoring

Sizers can be fitted with sensors for the monitoring of the meshes.A broaken mesh or an inadequately tensioned mesh will produce a signal.This makes the regular visual inspections unnecessary.

Integrated feeding and feed distribution system

Pre-segregation (material stratification) inside the machine to achieve an increase in screen capacity.

Optional arrangement of Exciters

In order to match the installation requirements it is possible to mount the Vibrator Motors either above or below the Sizer frame. The larger sizes use the Direct Force Exciters with Cardan Shaft drive from separate motor.

Facts & Data

1. Separation range 0.1 to 50 mm

2. Capacities 0.1 to 500 tph for all types of materials and slurries

3. 2 to 6 fractions per machine

4. Blockage-free screening

5. Compact construction

6. Low weight

7. Dust-proof and quiet operation

9. Modular construction system

10. Adjustable for inclination, amplitude and frequency.