Mogensen Bar Sizers

The Mogensen Bar sizer is specially designed for coarse separations and it operates accordingly at high capacity, free from blockage.It works without moving parts and without consuming energy.

The range of separation is between 25 mm to 400 mm. Individual pieces may be 1 m in size and up to 3 t in weight. The quality of separation is astonishingly good in relation to the requirements of coarse screening.

The simple and robust design ensures failure and maintenance free operation, even with difficult sticky materials contaminated with impurities.

It is a simple design with creative technology. The bars diverge and are fixed at one end only. The gap opens up towards the end of the bars in the same direction as the flow of material.

The material - induced bar vibration prevents blockages. The bars are made of a special steel and may be reversed in order to increase operational life.

Facts & Data

1. No power supply required

2. No noise from drive or moving parts

3. No danger of blockage

4. Capacities up to 1500 tph or even more

5. Size of separation between 25 mm to 400 mm

6. Can handle large lumps up to 3 t individual weight

7. Maintenance-free operation

8. Suitable for both mobile and static plants.