Mogensen Sizer 2000

The Sizer 2000 in single, double, or three-deck design is a screening machine, which is distinguished from others in that the screen meshes are vibrated directly by means of rapping bars. The screen mats are tensioned in the direction of material flow over the rapping units.Each rapping unit consist of a shaft with two rapping bars. The end of each shaft are fitted with vibrator motors, 2 to each shaft, which induce an oscillating motion in the rapping bars.

The impact of the bars on the mesh panels keeps them free of "pegging" and prevents the build-up of fine material.

The Sizer 2000 is a static screen and transmits almost no dynamic load to surrounding structures.

The Sizer 2000 is offered with frequency inverter drive to optimize the ocillating frequency according to the screening product.

Facts & Data

1. Extremely low power requirement due to static frame

2. Adjustable stroke from deck to deck

3. Virtually no dynamic load on support structure

4. Specially designed for fine screening with high

acceleration on deck Surface to prevent deck clogging

5. Screening at cut points between 0.1 - 10.0 mm