Flip Flop Screening Machines

The Flip Flop screens offers a totally new solution for extremely difficult-to-screen materials with excellent screening efficiency in smaller aperture applications where conventional screens suffer from blinding and pegging.

The Flip-Flop Screening Machine generates, through a mechanism, a system of dual control whereby a high acceleration is transmitted to the panels of the Screen Mats of the order of around 40-50g. The eccentric rotor mechanism generates a continuous and flexible movement of the elastic Screen Mats, with the panels alternatively stretched and relaxed.

The high acceleration completely loosens up the damp sticky material mass, resulting in rapid stratification of the feed material and high percentage of fines quickly move down to the surface of the Screen Deck and are screened out.

Soft rubber mounting blocks isolate the majority of the dynamic loads of the oscillating mechanism.

The flexible screen deck are manufactured from Polyurethane or Rubber having square or slotted aperture openings in various sizes which are selected depending upon material to be screened.

Machiene Sizes upto2.5m wide and 7.9m long.

The unique drive movement ensures:
  • Efficient screening with no binding
  • High screening efficiency even “near Mesh “ particles