Grinding Mills, Classifier & Drying Systems

IC offers complete grinding mill systems designed to pulverise and classify various kinds of material, including non-metallic minerals, fertilisers, chemicals and many other manufactured products.Range of product fineness is between bulk passing 60 mesh down to micronised product and capacities between a few hundred kgs. to 15/20 tons per hour.

UFG Vertical Mill

For pulverizing materials to extreme fineness, no grinding equipment will excel the UFG Vertical Mill, with air classification system.

The UFG Vertical Mill can reduce many products to 95% / 98% finer than 15 to 20 Microns. In fact, some products can be ground to finenesses of 95% to 99% or finer below 10 microns.

Typical materials processed by this unit include calcite, limestone, talc, cocoa powder, marble , asbestos, kaolin, colors, graphite, sugar used in confections, pharmaceuticals and various food products.

Principal advantages:

  • Close control of particle size
  • Simple operation and maintenance
  • Automatic feed control
  • Occupies minimum installation space
  • Precision engineering
  • Dynamically balanced rotor assembly and water cooled bearings.