Roll Crusher

The roll crusher is available in 2 roll design with reduction ratio in the range of 4 : 1 upto 6 : 1.

The Capacity range varies upto 1000 tph.

The design is provided with spring loaded retraction system for protection against ingress of tramp iron in the system. The specific power consumption is low in the range of 0.25 to 0.3 Kwh /  ton.

The rolls design can be provided with cast tooth rolls with hard faced tooth  or segmented rolls for quick replacement of tooth. Various tooth profile is provided depending on application.

The roll crushers are suitable for crushing ROM coal, lignite, coke, sinter etc.

OMNI Roll Crushers

OCR 0810      80 wide x  100 dia

OCR 1610      160 wide x  100 dia

OCR 1225      120 wide x  150 dia

Available with toothed and plain rolls
For Coal, Coke, sticky and clay material