Jaw Crusher

OM series jaw crushers are robust equipment with high durability, designed with high quality raw materials.

Combination of high reduction ratios at enhanced productivity - balanced high inertia Cast Steel flywheels; Cast parts are manufactured from ASTM A216 steel.

Symmetrical chambers ensure interchangeability of wear parts. Side plates, Jaws, Liners are of high Mn content; Jaw plates are reversible end-on-end to minimise waste.

Heavy-duty eccentric shaft and 4 identical bearings - results in superior durability and reliability.

The split bearing housings guarantee a perfect fit to the machined housing, reducing loads to the bearings. It also facilitates the maintenance of the bearings without disassembly of the machine or any major dismantling in order to carry out servicing in site.

Absence of stress inducers created by welding lines, due to the high strength one piece side plate design, guarantees resistance to fatigue and ensures longevity.

IC Jaw crushers can be easily mounted on fixed installations and mobile units wheeled or track. Modular structure and compact size ensure excellent mobility, wide ranging mounting options and short installation and set up time, whatever the duty.

Aggregates, production of gravel, iron ores, other hard & abrasive ores - our Jaw crushers represent the best selection.