Vertical shaft Impactor

Omni VSI outperforms other crushing machines, with it’s versatility of uses optimized operation, ease of installation, smooth operation, reliability, and yield. Product quality within specifications, with particles of cubical shape are produced with desired MF(fineness modulus).

OMNI large VSI models are able to handle feed size of approx 70mm and majority of crushed materials lies between 40mm to 5mm.

Models available upto 1200 HP, also suitable for highly abrasive materials.

The OMNI VSI Crusher is an ideal machine to produce Crushed Sand, that is washed and classified to remove unwanted micro-fines. High quality crushed-sand finds extensive use, replacing natural sand, in cement concrete and asphalt plants.

IC VSI is suitable for all types of minerals from soft to hard and extremely abrasive minerals.

The particles of the feed material are accelerated by centrifugal forces against an impact wall making use of comminution by rock –on – rock principle.

Special features of IC VSI

  • Rotor is dynamically balanced for vibration-free operation
  • Modular construction for quick erection  and ease of transportation
  • Special rock box design to ensure optimum crushing
  • Heavy duty construction