G - 96 Series

The IC Bauer technological superiority manifests itself in multiple benefits for its customers.Guaranteed longer service life even under tough operating conditions.Virtually No downtime and measurably lower power consumption. leading to higher operational economy. The widest range is offered with rating uo to 75KW.Available in-line,parallel shaft,holow shaft,bevel helical,hellworm and customised configrations with accessories such as shaft mounted brake,hold brake,etc.

  • coaxial shaft helical gear
    box Type-G

  • co-axial shaft helical
    geared motor Type-G

  • Gear Box Type CFG

  • Gear Box Type-CFG

  • Gear Box Type-CFG

  • Helical Bovel Gear
    Box Type-KG

  • Helical Bovel Geared
    Motor Type-CFG

  • Parallel Shaft Geared
    Motor Type-AG

  • parallel shaft helical
    gear box type -SFG

  • parallel shaft helical
    geared motor type-FG